Where is India on World Map? 15/7/2014

Mamma, why doesn’t India figure anywhere in the ‘sports world’ except in cricket? rued my school going grand daughter as she was reading about the triumph of Germany the fourth time.

Why only cricket, don’t we have a world champion in the game of Chess? I  said ,the patriot in me coming to the fore.

Oh, I had forgotten that, she said looking guilty.

Is it that we have no good  foot ball coaches in India? She asked next.

I am not sure but all that I can say in the present context of Germany’s win is the losers are holding the National coach not only responsible but also humiliating him by using epithets which is really sad. His fate seems to hang in a balance,  I  lamented.

Mamma, I want to know who is really responsible if a team loses,  is it the captain or the coach? She wanted to know.

I thought it was a million dollar question for which I had no answer.

Noticing me pause, she said, mamma, if  a school  gets a low pass percentage, will the principal be held responsible or the students for their poor performance?

The students of course, I said promptly .

Then why is it said, if a battle is lost, the General has to be changed? She asked  with equal promptness.

Again, I didn’t know how to answer her.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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