Where do you live?14/03/2014

The other day I ran into a friend of mine  while shopping at one of the Malls in the city. We were meeting after a gap of over a decade and  when asked where she was all along she said she had shifted to Bangalore but decided to come back to good  old Madras for good.

Are you sure you took the right decision? I asked.

‘Well, Madras is where my heart is’, she replied sounding very nostalgic.

She asked me whether we continue to live in the same place which she visited us last.

Nodding my head I said ‘same place with changed surroundings.’

What do you mean by that?  she asked looking surprised.

I told her Old independent houses  have given place to high rise apartments and  we have  hospitals of all stature  and  eat outs suiting different pockets   which serve as  landmarks to  find our address.

‘You must be  joking’,  She said.

As far as I remember there were just a few Banks in and around your neighbourhood, she  added.

That was in  Madras but now it is changed to  Chennai  and  along with it the surroundings too have changed, I  explained.

So, it is hospitals to the left, restaurants to the right and you live in their midst, she laughed.

Wait, I had forgotten to mention  one more change in our neighbourhood, the latest to happen  and  a prime attraction . ‘It is  a new kancheepuram silk sari shop’, I said  excitedly.

Then I  promise to  visit you at the earliest, she said in the same vein!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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