When old age really matters 19/9/2014

The refrain  among chennaiites  irrespective of the strata they belong to is to talk about ‘getting old, or he/she is sooo old.’

That set me thinking, rather reflecting on the racing years in our life and the effect or toll it takes on our  health, physical as well as psychological.

Talking about the changes that manifest  is  the appearance of gray hair, wrinkles, a scrawny neck  and a slight loss of weight. But these visual changes don’t really bother  either the subject concerned  or the onlooker  if the fact is accepted  that these changes are inevitable when one ages.  Again, it is likely that one puts on weight  as well  with age and it invariably happens with performing artistes and sportsmen once the physical activity ceases. Sportsmen necessarily call it a day but what surprises me is  artistes don’t seem to, especially dancers because they continue to ‘entertain ‘ audiences  without realizing  the ‘visual’ impact it  creates. I feel age really matters where these performing artistes are concerned  and high time they too call it a Day or stick to Abhinaya  as  Balasaraswathi  used to do.


n.meeraraghavendra rao


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