WHAT ‘MY Teacher’ taught me 5/9/2014

What have you done in honour   of   your teachers? Said my husband  who always  took  pride wearing his Teacher’s Hat among his other Hats.

Well, nothing because none of my  teachers are  in Chennai, I said.

That’s only an excuse because there are umpteen ways of greeting your mentors, he sounded annoyed.

O.K.What do you  suggest ? Shall I  Greet them over phone or  send a mail?  I asked.

Neither because  both appear very impersonal to me, he chuckled.

I have a bright idea, he said excitedly  after  racking his brains.

What’s that? I  said looking eagerly at him.

Answer  whatever I ask  truthfully and honestly before I spell out my idea, he said.

Go ahead, I prompted.

Who taught you  not to have your foot  in your mouth?

No one, I said.

Who taught you  not to be extravagant ?

None, I said.

Who taught  you  to be time conscious?

NONE,NONE ,NONE, I   literally screamed.

Who taught you  to lie?

YOU, I   said  stressing  on the monosyllable.Now, let me ask you a question, I said  stressing on me.

Go ahead, said my husband  upset.   Since you are the only teacher who appears to be accessible to me, how do you want  me to greet you to celebrate the occasion?  I asked  appearing  serious.

There  was no answer!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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