Wearing two hats 24/09/2014

It’s always   wise to wear two hats, I said  even as I was watching ‘Kaunbanegamahacrorepathi’, my favourite game show.

Why has the thought suddenly come to you? Said my husband who  always was of the opinion  only career  women were  capable of  planning their future,( read retirement ).

See, I don’t think  the anchor  had even imagined in his dreams that his show would become a thundering success and  it would go down in peoples’ memory, I  observed.

Perhaps yes. Some  don’t realize their potential  in pursuing parallel professions  until they make an attempt,  he agreed.

There you are. Now do you know why  I said  people should wear two hats  or ride on two horses? I  said.

Now coming  to our own case, what do you think  we should have done apart from  our academic pursuits? He asked  appearing serious.

Never too late to learn, I suppose. We can always  begin by wearing a second hat now, I suggested.

Why don’t you suggest one for yourself? He prompted.

Become a marriage counselor because I see a great scope  for this, the way marriages are not working, I  said  after thinking deeply.

Sounds good. What do you suggest I take up ? He said.

Why don’t you  decide for yourself considering  what you are good at? I countered.

Just  give me a few days time, is all that he said.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Wearing two hats 24/09/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Your hubby should take up marriage counseling too. A husband-wife counselling team is ideal since the wife-client can look at the female counselor and the man-client can look at the male counselor when confiding their respective problems and avoid the discomfort of interacting with the opposite gender. Also the H-W counseling team can relate similar problems which they themselves faced and how they overcame them. This will enhance its credibility, isn’t it?

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