Those exclusive Saris 24/7/2014

Why don’t you visit this boutique which is so close to your house? suggested my friend when I complimented on her exclusive sari.

Oh, yes, I’ll check that out. All along I was planning to visit this and I shall do so as early as I can, I assured her.

Where are you heading? Said my husband  even as I was stepping out.

To the boutique close by, I replied.

Is it for window shopping or to pick up a sari? He asked.

Well, it all depends, I said and rushed out before he asked any more questions and offering advice.

When I entered this outfit leaving my footwear at the entrance, I found a few ladies looking very hep donning new saris and scrutinizing themselves standing in front of the mirrors. They seemed oblivious that they were literally stepping on the saris in the process, though not on other customers’ toes! The sales women were also helping some youngsters when they noticed the chicks were first time wearers of saris.

I  looked around to see if  anyone noticed me and was relieved they were all engrossed in their own activity.

How come you are back so soon? Asked my husband in surprise.

I don’t care if my sari is  exclusive or not as long as it looks fresh without being  wrapped around  every potential purchaser , I  said annoyed.

You mean a manequeen or a live person? He asked appearing shocked.

I wish it was on the former, I rued.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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