The other side of celebrities’ absence in Parliament 20/8/2014

Why make an issue of film personalities NOT ATTENDING  LS./R.S  Meetings ? I think it’s a blessing  if they don’t , I observed  while watching the anchor of the  TV  channel trying to control the shouting brigade .

Why do you say so? Don’t you think they too have a responsibility   like the others?  Countered my husband.

Well, they  do have  but  I feel  it’s better they sit like  statues  instead of  displaying  their ignorance when important issues are discussed, I  said in order to be fair to them.

I don’t agree with you. Once they come into politics, they should try to update themselves atleast to follow what is being discussed, he said.

I too wish they do but  how can they when they are occupied more with things of their OWN interest ? I   asserted.

Quit true but I wonder who is the loser in the process? Said  my husband more to himself.

Surely  the media , I laughed.

Why do you think it’s the media? He said appearing surprised.

Well, if the veteran actors  are present, they are bound to make headlines with their photographs, both in print and visual media  which is a wastage of space and time. Also  they  are sure to distract the attention of members present  from the issues being discussed, I  averred.

I see a point there, agreed my husband .




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