The most awaited month in Chennai 26/12/2014

December is a month which is eagerly looked forward to by connoisseurs  of all kinds —music, dance and food. They make a bee line to it if all these are available under one roof and that is the Music Academy in Mylapore. However, senior  artistes who  performed during   evening slots  have been brought forward  with younger  ones taking their place. The season was  flagged off  at a venue nearby where  multifaceted ShriPappuVenugopalRao gave a peep into the Odissha school of dance supported by a lecdem and the following week Smt. ArunaSairam, musician/ musicologist made a comparative study between different forms of music, both kept the audience spell bound throughtout. Then it was the turn of V.Sriram,  reputed speaker/historian/author  to take us into a nostalgic journey  into the life of Madura Mani Aiyer interspersed  with playing of  audio clippings of the artiste.

The  connoisseurs   are in for more music, dance and ofcourse  food, the first two come for free  until 4p.m. and for the third  they need not grudge  payment considering the quality offered, especially by the caterer Padmanabham  at the Music Academy.



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