The missing photograph! 28/5/2014

The first thing that strikes me is prosperity of our folks settled in the U.S., I observed  even as I was looking at the ‘wedding’ photographs.

Aye, you are right, agreed my husband when he saw  the  ‘wedding’ album.

For a minute you wonder whether the ‘wedding’ was taking  place in the home country or abroad from the large turn out of the  guests, I said  noticing all the familiar faces.

Nothing very surprising considering that most of them  who went from here have  atleast one of their children  settled in the U.S. and they find a home away from their home country, he  stated.

Very true but have you noticed something else? He asked, the keen observer that he was.

Well, as far as I can see all the ladies seem to be decked  in rich kanjeevaram silks with sparkling diamonds to match , I said peering into the jewellery they wore.Also their blouses look very trendy, I added.

I didn’t mean that at all, he laughed stressing on ‘that’ with a sarcastic look.

Then what is it?  I asked  expecting him to come out with the unexpected .

There is one   important  photograph related to the  event which is missing. Now I have given you the clue, you should be knowing which one it is , he said in the same vein.

You mean the bride and groom? I said after a pause.

Thank God , you didn’t need any more prompting, he sighed.

Aye, you seem to have overlooked something important, I said in order to be one up and congratulating myself for my ‘observation.’

This is a ‘ pre wedding’ album we are seeing and the actual wedding one will follow, I said and his expression showed  he was not happy  at his over sight!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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