The dangers of Learning —– 22/12/2014

Amma,  I have learnt  a lot after I began working for you, said my maid  while going about her chores.

That’s nice to hear, I said. Tell me  what have you learnt? I asked.

I learnt to talk softly and not to interrupt when you are you talking on the phone, she said.

I  am happy about that, I said.

What else? I asked.

Not to  discuss my family problems  with everyone, because you  said   no good will come out of it, she said .

That’s wise on your part, I said  though I took her word with a pinch of salt.

Anything else? I asked.

Now, amma,  I  can understand   a  little of   your  language  also, she   said sounding very proud. The other day you were telling ayya  that  you were going to buy a new set of curtains for the house , am I right? She  asked  as a proof of her understanding the language we spoke.

I was totally taken aback at what she said and  didn’t know how to react!




2 thoughts on “The dangers of Learning —– 22/12/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    You and your hubby might have to learn Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi or French, German, Dutch, Italian to communicate in front of the maid, if you don’t want her to understand you. The bonus for you would be the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

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