Taking for granted 15/12/2014

Sometimes  I am surprised at the unpredictability of not people but our gadgets and devices  and how their owners take them for granted!   Recently I realized, not being  tech savvy  has its own disadvantages. Despite my sincere efforts    to learn to  send  an sms  or to put my mobile on silent mode,  success seems to have eluded me.

The first time  it was to    thank  my niece who sent me an sms for greeting me on my birthday. I  took care to enter her mobile number and meticulously  ‘nail typed ‘ on every letter  on the key board and felt  excited when I went through what I had written, to make sure  my  grammar and spelling  was in place.  Then I  confidently clicked on ‘send’  and   felt  I had launched a rocket successfully into space  and was sure the message would  be waiting for my niece to see  instantly.

After a week or so when I happened to speak to my niece, I   expected her to make a mention of my sms thanking  her, but  was a little disappointed when she didn’t , on the other hand  she  asked  me why  I didn’t acknowledge  her  greeting me   on my birthday!  All my efforts  have gone down the drain, I  moaned.

The less said about trying  to put  your  mobile  to silence and later restore  it to normal mode , the better  but I can tell  you  if you don’t know how to do so, the only alternative is to leave it at home if you are off to a meeting or a concert  to save a lot of embarrassment.  Recently an elderly  gentleman  sitting next to me  had his mobile calling for his attention and he quickly passed it on to his wife next to him and she  in turn  passed it on to me requesting   to put the ‘distraction’ to silence. I suggested she  take the help of someone who knew the ‘job’ and she promptly went out of the auditorium and came back looking  relieved.   Probably the  security  at the door    had helped her, I thought!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “Taking for granted 15/12/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Can empathize with you, since I too am not smart phone savvy! One can buy a phone, put currency into it, charge it but no one teaches you as to how to operate its various applications. Recently I put Rs 200 into my Moto E. By the time I came home it showed Rs 135, a matter of 15 minutes. It was draining off like water in a leaky vessel. Some say you have to switch off this, that & that appln. Did all that. Still the phone is rapidly draining…..

  2. V Raghavan

    Only 5% of the capabilities of a cell phone are actually used by ordinary people. Someone should open a kiosk that will explain to customers the simple controls of any popular brand for a fee! I am sure he will do roaring business! Ordinary people do not have the patience or ability to read and comprehend instruction manuals.

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