Sympathetic  or empathetic pain? 13/9/2014

I  have only heard of sympathetic pain and not empathetic  pain, said my husband when I   complained of’ empathetic  ache’  of my tooth.

Well, I just discovered  the tooth next to the problem  one began paining, thought it was empathizing with the affected one, I said.

But hasn’t the dentist  attendedto the problem tooth and solved  it? He wanted to know.

Yes, I thought he did but probably he too wouldn’t have  anticipated its neighbor to  create a problem, I said in his defence.

May be, you are right. By the way how many  teeth are still surviving in your mouth? He said  in his usual jocular manner.

I really don’t know. Perhaps  compared to the number of teeth yanked out, the  ones surviving are certainly more, I assured. This  reminds me of an orthodontist I interviewed who said whenever he went on ‘bride seeing spree’ ,the first thing he would notice was the number of teeth missing in the mouth of  prospective  brides and  invariably his observation would be correct, I laughed.

That means  dentists and orthodontists  were for ever in demand, irrespective of a person’s age, he said in the same vein.

Looks like it, I conceded.

I am also reminded  of  my days  of ‘bride seeing’ , but it never occurred to me that the only girl I happened to see and get married to could have had her teeth corrected, he said in an effort to empathize.

I  wished  his empathy was  more  to my present predicament.




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