Have you observed something? I said  while on our walk in the park.

What? Said my husband not too happy at interruption of his thought process (he normally thinks seriously  during his constitutional).

I just remembered  after the expression ‘you know’  which has become a habit when people talk with you  , they also  use the   three SS,  which they are becoming habituated to, I  I said.

What are they? He said stopping in his tracks.

For  instance when someone wishes to know who gave you the information , how will you answer his/her question, I   answered with a counter question.

I t depends, who that ‘someone’  is, whether  it’s your friend, relative or —- he parried.

Does it make a difference? I said.

Certainly because I may not like to reveal the name if the  query is posed by a journalist, he said.

Probably what you say makes sense  because it depends upon the credibility of your source as journalists believe in facts, I conceded.

But what  are the three SS you mentioned ? he  reiterated.Ionly heard  of two with an m inbetween,   he  added .

Well,  someone  said  she went somewhere  and somehow managed to meet her friend  who was leaving  on her trip to China in a few hours, I    smiled.

Then you should add a fourth S, he quipped.

n.meeraraghavendra rao



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