Smitha’s specialization 08/05/2014

What are you going to specialize in? I asked Smitha who had just completed her post graduation  in Criminology.

Naturally my research would be in the  subject I have pursued so far, she

I am glad you are very clear in your mind, I  said expressing my happiness.

How do you intend going about your research ? I asked  as I was not very familiar with higher studies.

First step is to clear the entrance exam, followed by an interview and once selected   register with the university, she explained.

Then a guide will be identified according to the topic of research, she added.

Sounds very interesting, Then perhaps you will have to choose your sample for your study, I said.

Ofcourse and I feel  that will really be interesting and challenging, she enthused.

Considering your topic, don’t you think you will be treading on thin ice in the process? I said concerned about the consequences.

That’s why I said  it’s challenging and I am eagerly looking forward to it, she said excitedly.

Now you have aroused my curiosity Smitha and I  really want to know all those you wish to meet and interview. I suppose they all constitute ‘criminals’ to be precise, I ventured to air my fears.

You are spot on, grand ma and we have no dearth of them and they belong to every field and profession, more so in the Indian context. Pity is some black sheep manage to get away may be for some time but I am sure  not for long as they will meet their nemesis sometime or other and we do see evidence of it, she said with sparkling eyes.


n.meera raghavendra rao  



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