SMILE YOUR WAY 19/11/2014

The other  day I  attended  a music concert  which was part of the music festival organized by one of the music enthusiasts.  I noticed his usual smile  of welcome   though was very much present  appeared  slightly different as if to say he thought it was foolish on my part to have missed the music concerts held  on the previous days.  I   responded  with a  very ‘apologetic’  smile and then explained the reason for not being present  earlier.  Then it suddenly occurred to me, rather reminded me of the different ways people smile when they meet you which  reflects  what goes in their mind,( read about you).   Doing  RESEARCH on the topic SMILE  is really worthwhile I thought and   started  REFLECTING  on the  various ways my friends, acquaintances  and my spouse smile  on different occasions.

The first instance I remembered was when I gatecrashed into my friend’s house   only to be met with the most unwelcome smile  which   was a camouflage for a chuckle. She was on the verge of stepping out. Then again, when I landed at one of our acquaintance’s place during their meal time. Needless to say, I was ‘received’  with the most sarcastic smile. The third instance was when I   returned from shopping   carting two heavy bags  and  my dear husband   ‘feigning ‘a smile of welcome !


n.meera raghavendra rao


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