I always  wondered why big names matter, whether it is for presiding at events, or publishing books  or picking up saris  or even for eating out. Let me share my experience about the last first  because everyone loves to eat out irrespective of their age. Some prefer to patronize   only  a couple of restaurants more as a status symbol while others do so because they find the stuff stomach friendly  and my husband and  I happen to  belong to the second category. Strangely   we found ourselves   paying double the amount for the same item of food/snack, not because of its superior quality but because of the ambience  the restaurant  boasted .  We noticed all the items we had ordered  were being brought from   the neighbouring restaurant with the result by the time they arrived ,they all became cold in the transit!

Now coming to  big names to preside over events, the less said the better because they are bound to disappoint you with their rambling speeches. Again picking up a sari from a mall is like eating in a five star restaurant, paying a higher price than usual  for something  available 20 percent less! Coming to  big names in publishing, the  hype  writers  of fiction   receive   from their publishers doesn’t necessarily match the publicity  they get   either for their   name  or  the book they write. Whoever said small is beautiful  has made a very wise statement.



2 thoughts on “SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL 20/11/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    “Small is beautiful” is the title of a book (1973) by E F Schumacher. The sub-title of the book “A study of economics as if people mattered” provides a clue about the subject matter of the book. His ideas originated in studying village-economics, where people are directly involved in production and distribution, unlike the dehumanized nature of mega industries..

  2. meera

    I was not aware of this book when I wrote my post.Glad my post echoes the sentiments of the great author you mentioned–thanks to another great author..

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