Sixtieth birthday or a wedding? 23/5/2014

Even before the new Government has been installed, controversy seems to have started, I said to my husband referring to the Prime Minister Dezignate’s invitation to our neighbours for his swearing in.

It only shows whether it is at a macro level or a micro level, some peoples’ attitudes remain the same, he said  full of contempt.

What do you mean by micro level? I said not able to understand what he meant.

Do you remember the wedding of one of our relative’s sons?, he asked.

Well, so many of  our nephews got married  from both the sides, I am not sure which one you are referring to, I said .

The event  which was meagerly attended, he laughed.

Wait, let me try to remember, I said not  wanting him to prompt me any more.

Ah, now I do, I  said  congratulating myself for my memory which hadn’t ditched me.

Do you also remember what the auto driver observed  while we alighted at the venue?

Yes, very much. He had one look at the almost empty marriage hall and when he noticed there were no  cars in the large compound he appeared visibly shocked, I said.

But what he said was even more shocking  ,rather insulting to the hosts, said my husband.

I don’t remember his exact words. Why don’t you tell me if you do, I asked.

‘Are you sure it is a wedding and not ‘arvuthu  kalyanam’? because I  hardly see any people around ’ he had stated and I  thought he was not wrong in his assumption.

Now do you understand  the importance of  maintaining friendly relations  with our neighbours or atleast  try to mend matters without holding grudges against them for their omissions and commissions? He averred.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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