SILK ROUTE OR —– 30/11/2014

I  am  no student of history  nor was I particularly fond of the  subject while  in School , therefore  have no qualms  of   displaying my ignorance about the SILK Route  lovers of history  refer to , but can confidently talk about the A route, C route, L route  and   M   route , all routes   followed in my house. The  topography  of  their dwelling and  the route taken  has become so familiar without the above   taking recourse to any   of the modern devices /gadgets that I begin to envy these little creations of God,  rather creatures  created  by God.

My day begins with ants , big and small giving me ‘darshan’ in the kitchen happily  carting away tiny bits of ‘eatables’ , and  rushing away in a single file when they see me  making me wonder  how they arrived  there overnight!

Next  are the cockroaches  making their way  from the kitchen  into the sitting room, in time to watch the  breakfast show on  the television  along with me.

Then  I only heard of the expression ‘cat on the wall’  but not Lizards on the wall  which I can apply to all the   ceilings in my humble dwelling , ceilings are also walls, aren’t they? But these creatures  though appear late in the evening have a neck and neck competition with  their neighbours who  are around 24/7 ,  attacking me  without any need for  any kind of ammunition!

Am I in great company? I wonder!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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