Self respect 21/2/2014


Come out and look  at the sight, said my husband excitedly from the verandah .

Wait, let me  complete  my job on hand, I said  not wanting to leave it half way.

‘But they may not wait’, he  said sounding  as though he was  cautioning me.

Who? I asked  while still  on my job.

You will really miss something if you take your own sweet time to come and watch the interesting sight, he reiterated.

Why don’t  you  just tell me what it is, I  said without budging from the kitchen.

Joining me in a jiffy he said he saw  two kittens sleeping on the compound wall  huddled together .

Oh, is that all! I  chuckled.

Well, I didn’t find it strange at all but when I thought over the reason for it, I could only admire the  self respect they have unlike  some of  our  leaders, he  remarked .

Cats and self respect? I thought they are the most insensitive creatures, I  observed.

Certainly not. You know these kittens would sleep on our sofa in the verandah every night and you remember I would chase them away the first thing in the morning, He reminded.

Yes, I do and I am relieved that they stopped doing so, I said.

Now, do you agree that since they detested  being chased away every day, they found an alternative , he said with all admiration for their sensitivity.

I  wish some of our  leaders  had even an iota of it  or learnt  from lesser beings , I  said  concurring wit him.

n.meera raghavendra rao



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