Role reversals 26/6/2014

The heartening news is women are getting really emancipated, observed my husband even as we were having breakfast.

You don’t sound too happy about it, I said noticing his tone of disapproval.

Well, it makes your breed happy though not ours, he complained.

Why don’t you elaborate on your observation, I prompted  as it was one of my pet topics of discussion.

When I said women are emancipated, I meant every word of it, he reiterated wanting me to know he was serious.

Why don’t you tell me what has provoked you to make such a statement , I said.

You know, I met a couple of my friends in the park during my walk who appeared  in a great hurry to return home though I was looking forward to their company until I completed my constitutional.

Probably they had some reason to get back home soon, I said  in support of their friends.

The pity is my friends may not join me in future and I am sure to miss their company, he rued.

But Why? I asked getting curious.

You know because they have to take care of their sick parents, he said full of pity.

Are these friends of yours young by any chance? I said not able to digest the ‘news’.

On the other hand  they are almost our age, but times have changed you see. Whether you women succeed in getting the 33 percent you are fighting for, some women seem to have had the final word where taking care of their inlaws is concerned  which has ended in a ‘role reversal’, he stressed.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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