Ring in the music season 6/12/2014

Once again the music season has arrived with a bang, it’s time  for the rasikas to go Sabha hopping  and connoisseurs of food   canteens hopping  and  the fashion conscious    keenly watching   whether the artistes are keeping pace with the latest trends in changing sartorial tastes. I am sure the male artistes  would envy their female counterparts  for the  wide choice they have in colour  combinations  and embellishments  ranging from embroidery  and types of zari. Probably  they could take solace in the quality of music performance, sometimes even excelling their female counterparts in this important area.

All said and done, Chennaiites  believe in tradition and dressing   according to the occasion, therefore no salwar kamiz  when the artistes perform, similarly  male artistes stick to zari veshtis  and jibbas  with embellishments thrown in  and probably with a shining gold chain  around their neck   as their  only accessory  unlike women artistes  who  can flaunt  diamonds and   other precious stones, whether the jewelry is made of   genuine   stuff   or  not   is no concern of the audience!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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