Rich, Modern and Mannerless 24/6/2014

The  woman was tall, reasonably good looking and  dressed in modern clothes but was wanting in manners, I said to my husband soon after returning from the vegetable shop.

Which woman are you complaining about? He asked puzzled.

The woman at the vegetable shop, I said.

What did she do to invite your ire so much , he said noticing my annoyance.

She apparently was also stinking rich, I  said.

Well, you do find even the rich do their own vegetable shopping, don’t you? He said.

I am not surprised  at that but her behavior was shocking which you don’t normally expect from a sophisticated  woman, I  rued.

What did she do? He said impatiently.

Ah, she too was impatient like you, I  shot back.

Did  she jump the queue? He asked taken aback.

No, nothing like that. She was clearing one basket after another and placing the vegetables and fruits in the weighing pan. Then without as much as by your leave, started grabbing  all the empty covers I had in my vegetable basket and started  filling them with  some of the vegetables lying loose in her basket, I complained.

Did she atleast thank you? he asked.

Thank you, my foot! She never bothered to see who was next in the queue since her purpose was served,  I accused.

Your annoyance is quite understandable. Now I feel the woman must have been young as well. A Young, Headstrong, Stinking rich  and Mannerless Creature , he described in one breath. I am not surprised because I do come across such specimen while I do the vegetable shopping, which is ‘ most of the time’, he stressed.


n.meera raghavendra rao



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