Problem solved! 11/06/2014

Thank God, starting of homes to park pets has come as a boon to us, gloated my friend who has three pet dogs.

Yes, I know. It’s been long overdue for pet lovers who find it difficult to go on a holiday not knowing where to leave their pets while they are away, I  concurred .

I know it’s a little expensive when we consider the rates  charged by these  hotels, she said not sounding very happy .

I suppose  the rates have to match with those of  any luxury  hotels which offer a lot of facilities, I said  in order to justify  their high rates.

I  suppose so. I am happy my pets will also be very happy  living in luxury though for a few days. But  my only fear is they might expect the same when they return home, she said looking worried.

Quite true, I nodded  in agreement.

So are  you people going on a holiday since your problem has been solved? I said.

I wish  we could  but there is a hitch , she lamented.

What is that? I asked surprised.

My inlaws are  coming down to stay with us as it is our turn to host them, their  stint  with their elder son  having  just expired, she  moaned.


n.meera raghavendra rao    


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