Please eat and come 09/01/2014

Mrs.Obama  will be celebrating her birthday in a novel way, I said  having just finished reading the day’s  newspaper.

What is that way? Asked my husband  appearing quite disinterested.

The lady  had told  the invitees to eat and come for the event where there will be a lot of dancing  followed by  desserts, I informed.

I wonder how one can dance  on a full stomach, he laughed.

I suppose One can if  the dance  doesn’t involve vigourous movements I guess, I said in the same vein.

Why not take a cue from the lady for our next party? He suggested  evincing sudden interest.

I am sure no one will care to come which includes our best friends as well, I guffawed. And  we don’t have dancing  in our  parties, do we? I said feeling how absurd his suggestion was.

May be but we do have a lot of  games  for entertainment. I am sure that will be the main attraction besides the dessert  served at the end, he  asserted.

I don’t  agree with you at all and why should we copy everything the west does. I am sure the invitees to Mrs.Obama’s birthday  too wouldn’t  have liked it, I  said.

All the same, they are certain to  turn up in full measure, just to be noticed  atleast  besides being considered an honour to  grace the occasion. I feel  our Congress/BJP  leaders  should try to follow her example, I said as an after thought.

Now you are being very sensible. Whether they  will take a cue  or not  from her, they will certainly try to follow  the foot prints of  the  leader of the AAP, to come back to power by honest means ,which they may find an uphill task!  he  observed.

Now you are being sensible.How about joining the  Chennai wing of the AAP? I asked looking hopefully at him.

Not a bad idea at all, he concurred.


n.meera raghavendra rao      



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