Perfect Analogy 26/11/204

How come there is a perfect mismatch between your sari and blouse, remarked my husband  as soon as I was about to step out to attend a wedding reception.

It’s the latest fashion to mix and match, I  said feeling very proud of my sartorial choice  which  was proof of my creativity.

Mix  and match  indeed!  It is like two parallel lines which never  meet, he scoffed.

Tell me how do you evaluate your students’ performance   ? I said.

When they write their exam and I correct their answer papers, he replied. But what has that got to do with your sari and mismatched blouse? He said looking  askance at me.

Everything , I stressed.  When you go through their answer papers and find most of what is written is irrelevant excepting a small portion, what do you normally do? I asked.

Probably  give just one or two marks out of  100 which means the candidate has failed, he said after thinking deeply.

That means you find  atleast some part of the answer right, don’t you? I said.

Yes ,but still I don’t see any connection  between the two, he said puzzled.

Well, you will if you scrutinize the colours in my sari and the colours of my blouse, I  said laughing.

Ah, yes, I can see there is a spot of orange in both, he said after  ‘studying’ hard as  he does while correcting his students’ answer papers.

There you are, is not the analogy perfect? I said  looking teasingly at him.



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