Our Ambassador 28/8/2014

It is common that apartment complexes in Chennai  have a security  who needs no qualifications or standards to be recruited for his job. No age limit, no personality  (which means even frail looking  persons qualify ) no commitment whatsoever after getting the job because  only their physical presence is needed, (he can be sitting or dozing on his stool ) and most  important of all ,he enjoys the privileges attached to his job, (read tips from all the inmates who send him on errands) .

What about independent houses which still exist in Chennai   and the lanes they happen to be situated in? Well, engaging a security is  possible, however   when all  those living here have a consensus  but if they don’t , the only alternative perhaps is to appoint an Ambassador or have a self appointed one !He enjoys more privileges  than even a country’s ambassador does  !  Coming to brass tacks, let  me  share  our experience of living in one of the private lanes in Chennai. Our Ambassador , not sure who appointed him fills in all the requirements of  a Liaison officer in a company. He is stationed at the gate to the entrance of our lane with his ironing table permanently positioned under a tree near it, sends his employee to collect clothes  from the inmates of the lane and also his several other customers  and lords over him and pulls him up   for a bad job done. He greets everyone  irrespective whether they are his customers or not  (like us)  with a whole hearted smile and a Namaste.

I realized  the importance and ‘indispensability’  of our Ambassador  when  his services were urgently   required.  Thanks to the storm and heavy winds  occurred a  few days ago which brought down  one of the big  aging   gulmohur trees, blocking the entrance to our lane .He immediately rose to the occasion displaying  not only his P.R.skills  but   his human resource skills as well  which  proved  amazing .Since everyone only referred to him as “Istriwala’,  I thought it was high time I knew the name of this ‘crisis’ manager ‘.Amma, my name is Veerappan’, he said    grinning  broadly. A new Avatar, I thought  ,much needed   these days   to handle  all kinds  of  people, including  unsocial  elements!



3 thoughts on “Our Ambassador 28/8/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    You are lucky to have an all-in-one person – Istriwala, security and ambassador. My istriwala has his ironing set up in a bylane. Rarely comes to pick up clothes, often not found in the shop and no one knows where to find him. He had a special cell phone, that would record only missing calls. Even that was taken away by his son, who has joined college. Regarding security, the only time I get to see the self-appointed security (a Nepalese) is when he shows up on his monthly visit to collect his dues. So, count your blessings!

  2. mangala kandur

    i like the title you have given to the “Istriwala”.Ambassador!Wow!really he is the only one who can do the watchman work.our ambassador’s name is Appu.i depend on him more than our gurka watchman who doesn’t understand the language.

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