Now Former bureaucrats, who next? 05/04/2014


Though hitherto we had cases of  former bureaucrats joining politics, the scenario today is however different, rather brighter because of the choices available to them. I wonder why they had to take so long to decide to join the bandwagon. Despite the multiple choices former officials after realizing there was no future in joining a sinking ship, have  taken a belated decision  to back the winning horse. Perhaps  their shrewdness  in  keenly observing   the day to day  developments  as to which side the political wind is blowing has finally helped  them in taking  the right/wise decision. Another possible reason  could be   the rest of the world   coming to  a foregone conclusion as who would come out triumphant and lead  our country.

Strangely, there seems to be some credibility about news about our country which originates in the U.S. But  I think things are still fluid and we cannot be too sure  whether the present wave will last! Coming to former officials who might be of the opinion  that  they  will have a chance to serve people in a different capacit , Opinion is divided  among their clan.

Now we seem to have practically exhausted every field and profession and there are just a few left  from which the numerable political parties can draw members. The only field I could think of  is Medicine — psychologists and psychiatrists  to be precise in order  to keep a check on the mental  state of their ‘colleagues .’ The other field perhaps is Astrology and we have no dearth of  astrologers who come in all shapes and sizes. By now their demand would have already gone up!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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