No gifts please. If you insist— 03/01/2014

What are you reading so intently? Asked my husband.

Well it’s a wedding invitation we received just now, I said.

Whose wedding is it? he said.

Wait, I am yet to figure it out though the names of the bride’s parents appear familiar, I said  handing over the gorgeous invite to him.

I am sure the parents  would have spent atleast a hundred rupees on this card, he smirked.

I feel it’s much more than that, considering that the card is  gold coated, I  observed.

Do any of the names ring a bell? I said.

Ah, now I remember, the father of the bride is a rich businessman settled in the U.S. he replied  full of excitement.

Is he a good friend of yours?

Certainly yes. Not only a friend but a college mate of mine who dropped out half way through our degree, he said.

But who turned into a very successful businessman, that too in the U.S.which is very creditable, I  told him.

Have you read what’s written at the end of the card? He asked  passing the card to me with a bemused expression.

It says, no presents please. If you insist pay in cash, I read aloud equally amused.

I feel your friend is a very practical person. No wonder he has made a fortune in all the decades he has been out of India, I  added.

I agree.Thank God, the card doesn’t say ‘pay in dollars,’ he quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “No gifts please. If you insist— 03/01/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    I have seen cards which read: “No gifts please! If you insist, donate to such and such charity.” May be your friend intended to give the cash collection to some charity.

  2. V.N.K.Kumar

    It’s a pragmatic solution, pay in cash…. With cash you can buy whatever you need. In any case the so called gifts people give are useless. Prof VR may also be correct. And then why should the invitees be burdened with buying gifts, when it is you who are celebrating a happy event. The onus is on the organizers of the marriage to give gifts to all the invitees!

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