No future tense?21/4/2014

I think our politicians have learnt only one tense which is the past tense, I said  to my husband  as we were having  breakfast.

I completely agree with you the way they are digging out the past of  their rivals and making it  an issue, he lamented.

I think  they find it easier to do so than talking about what they would do for our future, I conceded.

Thanks, we seem to agree atleast on one point, he laughed.

I wonder if  there  is  any one politician  who doesn’t have skeletons in his cupboard, I said more to myself.

The answer is obvious, he asserted.

What about the female politicians, are they any better? Can we expect any positive contribution from them if elected to power, now that one has suddenly emerged on the scene ? I said not feeling very happy about the outcome.

I’m afraid not because the way things are panning out, she too  appears to be a student of history  indulging in a lot of blame game. However there is one difference. We know something  about the family background of the candidates standing for elections but know nothing about the family she is married into, I complained.

Well, I think she is really smart, retaining  her maiden name post marriage in view of  her future, which is not necessarily the country’s , I observed.

She is really an exception among her tribe and A lady  with a strategy  who is well versed  in grammar making use of  all the tenses in her campaign, he quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “No future tense?21/4/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    I guess you are referring to the last letter of the acronym RSVP coined by the opposing bigwig! The other bigwig (sibling), who is drawing crowds in the South of the state, does not want to be left behind. He recently taunted at bigwig one to stop making Ullus (Owls) out of people!

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