My ‘Tell All’ book 16/4/2014

Please don’t disturb me, I said to my husband who wanted to share the morning’s news.

Yes, I can see that  something of grave importance is going on in your mind, what is it I wonder? He laughed.

Now that two books on the Prime Minister have come out and are making hot news, I am waiting for some more on the Subject to follow, I said.

Considering that there was nothing new their authors have revealed despite being insiders , I don’t think the curiosity of readers will be satisfied especially regarding the style of functioning of the ‘parallel  power’, I lamented.

Strangely even the media which doesn’t spare anyone irrespective of their political status and stature fights shy of  exposing the negative side of  select individuals, he remarked.

Ah, I have decided about my subject for my next book, I said excitedly turning my gaze to my husband.

Who is it? he asked looking eagerly at me.

I am going to confine  myself to the regional level herione, I asserted.

What is the title of your book going to be? He asked.

‘My Tell All’  book, I said .

Well are you sure you will have enough material for your proposed book? He said sounding very pessimistic.

Well, you have a point there, but there is no harm in trying to cull material from different sources, I said.

‘I admire your optimism but I would like to remind you, a book had already been published on the Subject and even its release was scheduled but there was a slip between the cup and the lip’. It sounded more like a warning.

Well, I agree with you, I think it’s easier to get away if your Subjects are males and not so if they belong to the opposite gender and are still in power, I  moaned feeling like a wet blanket!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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