My strategy 26/2/2014


You seem to be deep in thought, are you thinking of what to write next? my husband’s tone sounded more like an accusation.

Did you say something? I said still immersed  in my thoughts.

Well, I asked you three times whether you are free this evening, he said annoyed.

What for? I asked.

To ask my friends to drop in for tea, he said.

Please, not today because I need to discuss with you something of real importance, I  implored.

What’s so important that it can’t  wait for another day, he said  still annoyed.

Don’t you see the elections are fast approaching and I have to work out a strategy to get an important position? I said.

Important position and you! He guffawed. When you are not even a member of any political party, how can you aspire for whatever you are aiming at? He laughed.

Don’t think I don’t know the basic requirement. What  I am seriously thinking is the  party  I should choose to join and develop a strategy to  get a ticket to stand for the forthcoming elections, I said.

Don’t you know the list of candidates put up is already out and you don’t have a chance, he informed.

Yes, I am aware of that too, but still I feel there is the remotest chance if my strategy works, I  said.

You seem to appear very confident. But I am surprised at your sudden interest in joining politics. I wonder who has inspired you to do so?

You, I said stressing on the word.

Me! He said shocked.

Yes, it is you because I see you talking and rather worrying day in and day out about the deteriorating political situation in our country and there is no hope for the future with increasing bad pennies joining the fray for power, I lamented. You just have to advise me about which party I should choose to join. You can leave it to me to develop my own strategy to fulfil my objective,  I  pleaded.

Well, I ‘d rather choose  to stop talking about politics hereafter, he assured.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “My strategy 26/2/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Your hubby evidently is interested only in lamenting the state of affairs and not in any correctional moves! He is taking the easy way out!

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