My new title 18/8/2014

I have been conferred  a new title, I said   soon after returning from a child’s birthday party.

Well, what’s that? Laughed my husband  even as he was  digging into  his toast  making  a crackling sound.

You don’t have to make the whole neighbourhood know   what you are having for breakfast, I said annoyed.

Not my fault if the toast resembles a rusk, he shot back. O.K.tell me about your new title, he reminded.

Try to guess, I  said.

The very fact you are invited to a child’s birthday party proves you haven’t grown up, he teased.

On the other hand it means I  am still childlike even at my age,  something to be proud of, I  boasted.

How old was the birthday girl and other  invitees ? He said.

Well as I said  they were all children less than ten or so. Does it matter ? I asked.

It does  to me because on that basis I can  size you up, he said sarcastically .

Aye, I take it as a compliment  if someone thinks  I can ascend and also descend  to any intellectual  level  which is important to   establish  wavelength  and children  are so spontaneous in giving compliments unlike adults, I   said  recollecting  their words .

Why don’t you tell me about your  new title, he repeated.

The children previously referred to me as ‘Games aunty’ and now they changed it to’ Happy birthday aunty ,’I said.

That’s better I think  .As long as they  retain the aunty bit, it’s o.k. he said  appearing relieved.

I  couldn’t  make out  what he had in mind!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “My new title 18/8/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    As long as they call you “Mami” and not “Pati/Granny” it is ok with him, since the latter way of addressing implies that your hubby is a “Grandpa”, which will clash with his self image of a young man!

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