My New Party 13/3/2014

I have a brain wave, how stupid of me not to have thought of it earlier, I  said full of remorse.

What  is it that you are regretting ? my husband who was engrossed in reading the day’s newspaper  sounded very casual.

For not floating a new party, I said.

Are you out of your mind? Why do you wish to add  to the long list which already exists, he  said not sounding pleased at my idea.

Why not? You know the party I intend starting will be very unique in every respect, I  stated.

That’s what everyone claims and you seem to be no exception, he mocked.

Now, You seem to be having a preconceived idea, I accused.

O.K. Tell me  what are you going to call your party and what is your manifesto for the forthcoming elections? He asked seriously. Also how are you going to motivate people to join your party?  He  added.

I shall call it AAP, I said .

Then you are sure to get into trouble even before you start. You know you can’t steal  the name, it amounts to violation of you know what…. , he warned.

Yes, I know that but the way things are panning out, violation seems to be the Norm, I insisted.

Are you not worried that  your reputation will be at stake in the whole  unhealthy process? He said concerned.

O.K. I shall play safe by calling my Party, AAURP which I am sure will work out well from numerological point of view also, I assured.

I am curious to know What  those five letters stand for? He asked  shifting his interest from reading  the paper to hearing my answer.

Aam Aurat Party, I replied.

Absolutely Gorgeous! Does that mean your party will be a women’s  exclusive? He wished to know.

Certainly not. When AAP is not confined to men, why should AAURP  be confined to women? I shot back.

I wish you all luck in your venture. Just a piece of advice if I may, he said with some trepidation.

Please go  ahead, I  prompted

‘Promise to be a trouble shooter and not a trouble maker’, he advised.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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