My maid ‘learns’ English 22/4/2014

Why are you late this morning? I asked my maid who came in looking  all  hot and flustered.

Amma, we had a heated argument after which my daughter walked away in a huff, she complained.

Even before I could ask her what it was about, she said, amma, tell me can  women in our ‘naadu’ wear ‘shorts’? Is it decent? She asked still gasping for breath.

Why do you ask? I said.

You know the madam for whom  my daughter works  wears ‘shorts’, she said placing both her hands a little below her thighs.

Though I felt amused, I controlled my laughter and said, so what if the lady wears, its upto t her the way she chooses to dress, I  said smiling.

I have no ‘problem’ there but  she is setting a bad example to my daughter who thinks the world of her, she complained.

Oh, so your daughter too wants to emulate her mistress in her sartorial  choice, I said .

Yes, and I tried to convince her that it was o.k. for women in ‘velia naadu’to show their skin but not in our ‘naadu’,  but my  defiant daughter went to work in that ‘stupid dress’ just to spite me, she fumed.

I hope you didn’t use any abusive language in order to put some sense in the girl, I  said a little hesitantly knowing my maid’s eagerness to show off her competence in English .

‘Amma, when my daughter began abusing me in English, I too retorted’ ,she said proudly.

What did you say? I said.

When she said, ‘Shut up’, I too said ‘You shut up.’Amma , don’t you think I retaliated correctly, she said expecting my approval of her use of correct English.

Where did you pick up such language ?Have you been  watching news channels in English lately? I said shocked.

‘Yes amma,’ she said with a sheepish look.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


5 thoughts on “My maid ‘learns’ English 22/4/2014

  1. Gayathri

    Very amusing post….we try to follow the West whereas Indians living abroad or so particular that their kids stick to traditions and don’t forget their roots!

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