My husband’s surprise act – 16/7/2014

What are you going to wear for the party ? I asked my husband who has his own dress ‘code’.

What are you going to wear? He answered with a counter question.

Well, the invite says ladies should come in kanjeevaram silks, so I have no choice, I regretted.

We are lucky in that way, no formal dress is required, he gloated.

O.K.why don’t you tell me what you are going to wear—a dhoti and jibba,  pyjama-kudta, or pattani suit? I said.

I haven’t decided yet but it is going to be a surprise, he laughed.

As far as I know your wardrobe consists of these three outfits which can be called typically Indian, I said.

I have one other outfit which perhaps qualifies for a blend, he said in the same vein.

O.K.atleast tell me what colour it is so that I can see if I have a sari that matches it, I implored.

Red and blue, do you have anything in that combination? He asked.

What! I expostulated.Do you mean to say your so called outfit is a blend of two colours that are atrocious?

It’s a unique combination ,I agree, he said sounding very proud.

Can I have a look  at this ‘unique  combination’ before you don it? I said gingerly.

No, please. I  wish to surprise you as well and there will be another surprise in the evening’s party, he declared.

Now I am having second thoughts of accompanying you to the party, I said feeling like a deflated balloon.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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