My husband did not run away! 10/4/2014

Watching different television channels with the elections fast approaching has its amusing moments, don’t you think? I said  even as the celebrity was being grilled by the anchor.

Quite true. Have you noticed something  about these celebrities taking questions ?said my husband.

Well, for one thing they appear more self assured and ‘acting’ their part is easier for them having been actors all their life, I  mocked.

Also facing the camera is just a continuation to begin their second innings before they fade away, He laughed.

Have you observed something else with this particular actor who is also a dancer? he said not taking his eyes off the screen.

Her body language is no different from others belonging to her tribe, I said more interested in what she was saying.

Aye, see how she is defending her husband when the anchor asked whether she would also run away from Mathura like he did from Bikaneer? He said suddenly.

Oh yes. She is not only denying it but has the temerity to say he did a lot for Bikaneer and she herself has seen it with her own eyes when she visited the place. Surprisingly she couldn’t cite one example of his contribution towards Bikaneeer’s progress, I  sneered.

Excepting that she repeated ‘a lot’ as her answer atleast half a dozen times.

I think you women should learn an important lesson from her, said my husband shifting his gaze from the tv screen.

What? I said expecting some profound advice.

To defend the husband  to the hilt irrespective  of  his inadequacies and failures, he advised.

Yes I agree,  to maintain his  image in public so that there will be  peace at home, I quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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