Most Appropriate Day  to celebrate——1/4/2014

How do you think  our country  should celebrate  today? I said soon after  returning from  our constitutional.

Why don’t you tell me the most appropriate way it should be celebrated?  Was his counter question as usual.

Well, I feel  since all the politicians irrespective of their status, seniority and

Background have been  exercising the right to freedom of expression to the fullest Should continue to do so and more so today, I said.

Oh, that means you think they are yet to exhibit  the worst kind of abusive language  and behavior, he stated.

Yes, I feel it is yet to reach its nadir considering the  extent they can go to, I said though not very happy with the thought.

I thought  by now they would have exhausted using all the abuses possible within their knowledge, he said with conviction.

No, you never know, even if they have, they will always find some thing new to throw mud at each other, he laughed derisively.

Mud that does not stick, I said in the same vein.

Are we to decide there is no hope for our country if the present lot of politicians, whatever party they belong to come to power? He said sounding very pessimistic.

Looks like it, I  sighed.

Aye, doesn’t the situation remind you of what might have happened to the Malaysian Airlines? he said suddenly.

Yes there seems to be some similarity. Both have reached the rock bottom, the only difference perhaps is one could be somewhere at the bottom of the sea and there is still some hope of locating it  unlike identifying someone to lead the country and salvaging us  from the ills we are surrounded with, I  moaned.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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