Money  Power! 20/05/2014

What are  you thinking so deeply? Asked my husband as we were having our morning walk  and noticing my silence.

I’m just trying to visualize post debacle scenario, I said.

What do you envisage for the party  that had ruled the roost all these years? He asked.

You mean misruled? I said.

Not only misruled  but whether it has succeeded in building a better India or not it has  built its coffers, he asserted.

Despite Mr.Clean heading the government, I  lamented adding that

Normally it is said Goddess Lakshmi  and Saraswathi  don’t stay in one place and it seems to be true in  the  ‘First Family’s case.’

Yes, I completely agree with you. It is evident from what we see. A man who has the   blessings of   Goddess  Saraswathi in ample measure, doesn’t  seem to have a large bank balance, he concurred.

I wonder  who is the God or Goddess of Power? I  thought aloud.

As far as I know it is ‘Shakthi’, he said.

Ah, if it is so, She has bestowed all the Power on one woman, no wonder she is still  feared  and ‘respected’ by her party for the ‘Money Power’ she possesses, I  observed.

Well, I suppose it’s understood. Pity is though the whole family  doesn’t have the Blessings of  Goddess of Learning and don’t seem to be bothered about it, they are all happy to have Blessings of Goddess of Wealth which would last not only their life time but  that of a few generations of the 22nd. century  as well, he quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao    


2 thoughts on “Money  Power! 20/05/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    I disagree. Money power was evident in the case of the party that won. They were spending profusely having engaged 80 raths to criss-cross rural Uttar Pradesh.

    1. What I wished to convey was you are respected for ‘what you have /possess’ (read filthy rich through corruption) than ‘what you are'(read qualifications/ knowledge). Power can be ‘purchased’ by the former who can outsmart the latter thus proving nothing is impossible if they have ‘ Money Power’

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