Missing a flight 25/01/2014

I have heard people missing trains and flights due to traffic snarles but having had no such experience,we were really caught unawares for no fault of ours. The last time I had to catch a flight to Chennai  from Hyderabad,thanks to a VIP who chose to step out on a Sunday afternoon. There were  traffic jams all the way to the air port but fortunately  I  managed to reach the counter to collect my boarding pass before 20 minutes of the flight departure and  found the door of the plane being  shut just behind me. This time I was  in good company but the cab which was to pick  us up from home arrived inordinately late, again due to traffic jams and we arrived at the airport 25 minutes before the flight departure and found the counter closed. We took the next available flight by paying an extra sum and exactly 20 minutes before the departure found the airhostess announcing ‘Boarding closed.’ Then suddenly she began cross checking the names of passengers and found the person  sitting in our front  was different from the person to whom the seat was allotted.When she told him, he said since boarding was closed he assumed the passenger did not turn up. Just before 10 minutes of the departure he coolly walked in and occupied his seat after it was vacated.

When the flight landed in Shamshabad airport, the pilot proudly announced ‘I brought you all here 13 minutes before time at no extra cost.’

I congratulated the pilot for that and related the two episodes asking why the rule in Hyderabad did not apply in Chennai !


n.meera  raghavendra Rao


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