Match, match and Match 20/2/2014

I never realized  I would come across the word ‘match’ in all its varied forms and contexts in the course of one day.

My  friend  was  my first visitor quite early in the day to request me to accompany her to consult an astrologer to  have her daughter’s horoscope  ‘match’   with  that of  a few prospective  grooms. Soon after we returned home I found my grandson  keenly watching  the cricket ‘match’ over the TV. Then I found  my husband  searching for the ‘match’ box to light the gas oven  to make the vegetable he had offered to make so magnanimously.

Just then my little granddaughter came running to me with a book in hand to get some help to complete her exercise in ‘match’ the following .

‘The  bride was no ‘match’ to  the bridegroom either in looks or complexion,’ remarked my husband  referring to the reception we had been to the previous day.

‘I don’t  think you men  are a ‘match’ to  us women  when it comes to  wielding the ladle’, I remarked  after noticing my husband dropping it half a dozen times  in his attempt  to stir the vegetable!


n.meera raghavendra rao



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