Marriages made in Heaven? 8/7/2014

Why do they say Love is blind and marriages are made in Heaven? Asked my husband  who had returned from a wedding Reception.

Why did this  doubt crop up? I said at his unexpected question.

Because I  found  the couple totally mismatched, he stated  with unusual firmness in his tone.

In what way? I said.

Well, for one thing, the bride  was a ravishing beauty and the boy was less than average, perhaps shorter than her, he said, the keen observer that he was.

How do you know he was shorter? I said.

Because the bride was wearing flat foot wear and the groom was wearing almost three inch high heels, he said sounding very sure of himself.

So what! Probably we are behind the times, I  said though I was surprised at the ‘fact.’that  the girl  could choose to marry someone not only who didn’t match her in looks but in height as well.

Then why is it said marriages are made in Heaven, he reiterated.

Probably because right from earlier times marriages happen  once in a life time and they should be celebrated in a grand manner, I explained.

May be because one doesn’t know how a Heaven looks, the  venue of the wedding is all lit up and the couple is all decked up to look their best,  which gives a ‘Heavenly’ feeling. Also the out of the world menu guests  enjoy,  he added.

Perhaps you are right. I said.

Wait, let me finish. But I didn’t say the man could have a taste of Hell after marriage, did I ? he smirked.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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