Mamma’s Boy? 17/5/2014

Left to himself, Rahul  appeared  prepared to take questions from the press after his party’s  debacle at the polls, I said to my husband  even as we were keenly watching his body language on the television news channel.

I  know it has come as a great disappointment, agreed my husband.

Well, I feel he has been pushed into politics and never had his heart in it, I observed.

True, but don’t you think he had been a very obedient son unlike several others of his age, laughed my husband.

Well, yes. Probably that’s because  he is not married  and  therefore not torn between two women, I  said in the same vein.

True to the saying , ‘A son is a son till he gets a wife and a daughter is a daughter all her life’, said  my husband  who never left a chance to quote Shakespeare whenever he thought  it fit.

But I feel  his mother need not have beckoned him to follow her when she knew the cameras were still zooming on them, I  said exasperated at her behavior

Not surprising  considering the fact that she always expected him to do her bidding, he agreed.

But I am sure he is  a man of   independent mind as there have   been rare occasions  where he has proved  he does possess one, I  reminded.

Let’s for a moment imagine  Rahul refused to follow her and  stood his ground to take the Press, I  said though I felt it was a remote  possibility.

Then , his mother would have retraced her steps, and  chided him for disobeying her and  forced  him to  accompany her , which would have  made the world laugh at the ‘spectacle’  I said  trying to  visualize the scene.


n.meera raghavendra rao   


2 thoughts on “Mamma’s Boy? 17/5/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    The following last para in an article by Saubhik Charabarti in the Economic Times titled The Secret Diary of SG goes well with your blog:
    I called R and said let’s go. Where mom, he asked in that sweet way of his. Just come with me, there will be some journalists, don’t worry… just say, you take full responsibility. Full responsibility for what, he asked. How innocent he is. I will tell you later, I told R. Now just come. And R said that line perfectly. Am really so proud of him.

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