M and M 13/4/2014

When I was wondering what controversy would follow  after attacks and counterattacks  by our  political ‘heroes’, M and  M seem to have suddenly emerged  on the national scene  providing food for  journalists who are ever hungry for breaking news. The  first M brought out his wife from hibernation  ending speculation regarding his personal life. Now Sanjay Baru, former media advisor to the Prime Minister has chosen to publish his book ‘Accidental Prime Minister—’ which projects ManMohan Singh in a very poor light. Ironically  what the author highlights in his book  which has made headlines in all the newspapers today appears like stale fish, an expression used  by journalists for something already known. But what really makes news is our P.M.’s  strong reaction saying in no uncertain terms that the book is a work of fiction, provoked by the author for being denied a post in the Government. I am Glad for once the P.M. has asserted himself!

I am sure  the author and the publisher will have a great ‘commercial’ future  making  tons of money in the process.


n.meera raghavendra rao



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