Looking old, are you? 9/7/2014

I am not talking about how you look, whether you are bestowed with God given beauty with a fair skin, (unfortunately both go together according to us Indians) or have  a dark  complexion which is looked down upon  as though it is your fault to be born dark , but  about how you look while you ‘begin to age.’ Well, it all depends upon what age means to the person concerned and  the efforts you make to look young by dyeing your hair jet black without realizing it only helps you in accentuating your wrinkles and also affecting your skin if you are allergic to chemicals that are used in its preparation. This doesn’t mean I am  against dyeing your hair   but  I feel those who do should also make an equal  effort to feel young in body and mind because  they  are the first to betray your age!

However my recent experience proved to be an eye opener when  I couldn’t recognize a person  (who is in his forties)   whom I had met after a lapse  of a fortnight  because I found him minus a few kilo grams and looking quite sick and old. I had to be frank about his transformation and learnt  his decision to colour   his hair was not the culprit at all. He said he was consciously losing  weight on doctor’s advice  as he had  recently developed  diabetes and wished to keep this life style disease  under control!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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