IWD-Liberation for Whom? 07/03/2014

How are you folks celebrating IWD?  Asked my husband, the meticulous planner that  he was.

What do you mean by ‘you folks’? I said.

Certainly I mean your friends and all their spouses, he said.

Well, don’t you include yourself  when you wish to know my plans, I said annoyed.

It’s not that I don’t wish to, but…..

Why  do you hesitate to say what is in your mind, I  said quite irritated.

First tell me what  you people intend to do? he asked again.

We all ladies  have planned to spend the day out and I am not going to tell you where and with whom, I  stated.

‘What do you mean by that silly announcement of yours giving me only half the information’,  he bellowed and I could see that he was really upset.

Do I have to tell you everything ? You don’t expect me to reveal our secret plans for IWD, Do you? I shot back.

But as far as I know you and your friends are not capable of even thinking independently, leave alone venturing all by yourselves, he guffawed.

You seem to underestimate us. I am sure you will be surprised  when you know what we have planned, not that I will be breathing a word until we all return home at the end of the day, I said in order to provoke him.

I can easily guess, he said laughing.

By the way, wouldn’t you like to know what I am planning to do tomorrow? He asked still laughing.

Not interested, I  said indifferently.

Are you sure none of the spouses figure in your plans?  He repeated.

None, I stressed.

Thank you  for making it easier for me to celebrate IWD the way I would like to, he  said all smiles.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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