International Day of —– 21/03/2014

Close on the heels of International Day of Happiness follows World Poetry Day  and what next? I asked  my husband as were having breakfast.

Well, according to me all days are alike, not very much different from the other, he said indifferently.

I   agree with you but if you were to choose a particular  Day  to be celebrated, what would it be for, I prompted.

O.K. Let me think, he said and  began giving the idea a serious thought.

Have you  thought of something worthwhile? I asked after a few minutes passed by.

That’s the trouble with you women, the most impatient lot that you are, he accused.

O.K.Take all the time in the world, I  shall wait, I said.

Aye, I got a brilliant idea, he said excitedly  the very next minute.

What is it? I asked in the same vein.

Try to guess, he said  looking  mischievously  at me.

How should I know what you have in mind, I  said  not in a mood to exercise my brains.

Be a sport and  I may give you a prize if your  guess is right. O.K. I will give you three chances, he added  by way of being charitable.

Is it A Day  for Peace? I asked.

NO. Only  two more chances, he laughed.

A Day  for  Relationships? I said.

No, again.

Is it a Day  for Silence? I said looking  eagerly at him.

Absolutely Right. And  22nd. April  shall be declared as ‘World Silence Day’ and  absolute silence should be observed by all the women of the world and men should have a field Day to have freedom to talk, talk and talk to their heart’s content, he said gloating at his idea .

Now, where is my prize? I asked.

Remind me on the date I mentioned, he said  his eyes twinkling.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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