Influence of father or mother? 16/06/2014

I wonder which of your parents has influenced you  most ? Asked my husband.

Since the question came out of the blue, I didn’t have a ready answer.

Is it a question or a doubt? I  countered.

Both, he said  promptly  looking quizzically at me.

Well, if you need an immediate  answer, I feel both my parents influenced me, probably in equal measure, I said.

Why don’t you elaborate on their individual influence? he said  sounding like a psychologist .

Well, to begin with I resemble both my parents, that is  looks wise. My father was very fond of the English language and proud to say  both his spoken and written English were impeccable.

What else? He asked.

He was a very friendly person and had a lot of friends, also was of a helping nature.

What about your mother? He asked next.

My mother was very intelligent and was a good conversationalist. She had a very melodious voice and sang very well, I told him.

Yes, I remember how  beautifully  she sang, he said.

Also she was a good cook turning out delicious food  in a jiffy, that too cooking on char coal, I added   recalling the mouthwatering stuff she made for the family.

And, let me think——O.K.You tell me now whose qualities I have inherited and who influenced me most since you have been observing me the last four plus decades of our marriage, I literally shot the question which perhaps took him off guard.

Do you want me be honest? He said laughing.

Yes, ofcourse, I  emphasized .

Are you sure you will not feel offended? He asked  looking straight at me.

Go ahead, I am waiting, I said.

I  notice your parents have influenced you nodoubt but certainly not in  an ‘Equal measure’ as you seem to think   because   your culinary prowess doesn’t match with that of your mother’s  and I am afraid  the less said about your efforts towards becoming a singer ,the better!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Influence of father or mother? 16/06/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Beautiful skit. This skit shows that there is a vast difference between how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. Also here you are laughing at your own weaknesses which is admirable. It also shows that your husband gives more weightage to his tongue (in judging your culinary skills) & eardrums (in judging your singing) than to his eyes & brain ( reading & appreciating your journalistic efforts). Typical of male spouses!

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