Indians’ contribution to obesity 06/01/2014

When I see some obese people I always wonder whether it is due  to  genetic Or  environmental reasons which include their respective life styles as well. But what amazes me is some, especially foreigners , who  I observed  (during our trips abroad)  seemed to carry their weight with dignity  and agility compared to   their ‘weighty’ peers in India  despite  their years. When I  was discussing the ‘weight problem’ with a doctor recently, he said  though some Indians happen to be over weight  the maximum weight among them doesn’t cross 80 or 90 kilos unlike their western   counterparts  who are  obese in the real sense  which came as a  solace to me until I read a news item which said   according to a study conduced  in the west, Indians are adding to the world obesity problem. Well, the study did not specify  to which state in India their sample belonged.

Now, my curiosity is aroused  and I wish some sociological study is conducted  to  focus on this aspect  for   finding  out the contribution by each region/state  of our country  to the  world obesity problem which I am sure  will also  be faced by  us not too far in future.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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