I  PAD CULTURE 14/8/2014

I   feel sad that IPAD culture has crept into India as all else western, I  said  soon after our guests who visited us with their family left .

Yes, I agree, concurred my husband who I noticed had been watching the two little children glued to their I pad all the while they were here.

Well, their parents were happy to have been left free to catch up with us, I said  trying to justify their behavior. Perhaps   there are two ways of looking at it, I added.

Quite true, but I wonder whether it’s good for the kids’  future , he stated  with concern.

I am afraid  it will also stifle their creativity and they would forget  to use their imagination in course of time, I observed.

Have you noticed something else? Asked my husband.

What? I said.

The  parents are slim and trim but the kids are no where near it, laughed my husband.

Not surprising at all because technology has taken its  toll with mobiles and I pads becoming affordable. I  don’t know whether to be happy or sad, I  averred.


n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “I  PAD CULTURE 14/8/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    So true. Couch potatoes, then mouse potatoes, now smart phone & I pad addicts all have to pay the price of health sub-optimization. But the parents, through setting an example, could create the culture of physical fitness.

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