I am Five 25/05/20114

Today seems to be a very significant day, I said  to my husband who was engrossed in reading the newspaper.

Certainly yes, being the eve of  our  new P.M.’s  swearing in, said he, his eyes still glued to the paper.

I didn’t mean that, I said  cursing his one track mind.

Then what else? He said mechanically.

Try to guess? I shall  give you a  prize if it is right, I  said  trying to  lure him like our politicians promising freebees before elections.

First tell me what prize you are going to give me, he asked  turning his head towards me.

First you should guess, I insisted.

If you tell me what you intend giving me, I will then decide if it is worth wasting time in racking my brains, he said.

From your tone, I can make out you seem to be more interested in reading the paper and least interested in guessing what I have in mind, I said annoyed.

Aye, wait a minute, I remember you telling me the maid has taken a holiday today being Sunday, he said eyes brightening.

I don’t think that makes the day significant at all, also I didn’t expect your memory to ditch you, I rued.

O.K.Why don’t  You tell me why is the day important. As far as I can think there is no WIFE’S day, he laughed.

O.K. I can see that you can’t think beyond politics and see beyond your nose. Just look straight  and read what is written on the board before you, I said  laughing.

Oh, now I remember, He said appearing  guilty.

 n.meera raghavendra rao  



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